This past winter was a long, harsh one, and some homeowners are celebrating summer by redecorating.

Each year brings new trends, and 2015 is no exception. Candy from Realty Today picked the five hottest interior design trends for your clients- or maybe you- to check out this summer.

1. Memphis

It started in Milan in the 1980s and now the fashion and design capital is reviving it. According to an article of Curbed, the style represents the “hallmarks of postmodern ’80s design,” incorporating strong geometric designs while using “mixed materials often including laminate, clashing and saturated colors, and a repudiation of anything streamlined and tasteful.” The design, which was famous from 1981 to 1987, was also described as a “veritable shotgun wedding between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price.”

One reader, Soolip31, commented on Memphis saying, “One of the problems with this style is that when it was in production, so much of it was poorly-made. Most of it has not survived simply because it couldn’t withstand everyday wear. I can’t simply dismiss the aesthetic – it’s whimsical and conjures up nostalgic feelings – but if it really wants to be taken seriously, it needs to be quality work.”

2. Wallpaper

Curbed counted it on the list as a hot trend, too, this year. “Wallpaper is coming back in a big way,” said Jamie Beckwith of Beckwith Interiors, as reported by the blog.

3. Marble

Marble’s popularity will last from “white Carrara, black Marquina, pocked travertine, or pebbled terrazzo,” notes Curbed. After all, this material is used in classic architectural design in Milan. The only unique point is that it will be a regular not just in the flooring of homes but also on other furnishings like in lamps, as a base, for instance, said the outlet.

4. Texture 

Curbed mentions perforated materials and modern rattan furnishing on its list. We say, that speaks of texture, which is really one hot trend this year as suggested by The Ugly Ducking House and reported on RealtyToday.

Texture has this charm, even if it presents itself in many forms like woven materials, leather and well-crafted rattan furniture.

5. Food as Art

Food establishes itself as a design trend this year, according to Curbed. That said, food will make their way from Instagram and Twitter accounts to food art concepts in your home.

Tip: You may buy sleek fruit trays to display your fruits or install food or dining-related paintings on your wall. Just have fun and be mesmerized with your own genius.

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